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I'm often asked what the difference is between standard satin prints and fine art prints, and why the price difference? Basically, fine art papers are far superior both in terms of colour rendition and longevity. I have included a detailed explanation about Optica One fine art paper direct from my supplier outlined here.

Fine Art certificate of archiveability

Optica One is a 300gsm bright white, matte fine art paper with a luxuriously smooth surface ideal for high resolution photographic imagery. It is able to produce extremely crisp and accurate detail as a result of its leadership (when measured against other fine art papers on the market today) in tonal range value, line quality, line contrast, and raggedness.

Optica One is another of Breathing Color's innovations tailor-made for the demanding and discerning photographer who values superior performance in print quality.


UNSURPASSED COLOUR GAMUT & DMAX - With a proprietary inkjet receptive coating that delivers off-the-chart numerical readings in dmax and colour gamut, Optica One represents the new age of fine art papers from Breathing Color and is unmistakably in a league of its own.

DELIVERS EXTREMELY DEEP BLACKS - The dmax on Optica One is exceptional. If you print black & white photography, this paper is a must see.

BEAUTIFUL SKIN TONES - Just wait until see your portrait photography on Optica One. It might be the most pleasing reproduction of skin tones you have ever seen on a fine art paper.

INCREDIBLE RESOLUTION - Optica One will bring a new perspective to the finest detail contained in your photographs. Photographers spend a lot of money to buy the right camera and equipment that will enable them to capture every detail of their vision. It\'s time to use a paper that can do the same

 ARCHIVAL CERTIFIED - Optica One is archival certified for 100+ years and has passed the blue wool test as set out by the Fine Art Trade Guild. 

Therefore each fine art print purchased from Jon Allison Photography comes with an archival certificate to prove authenticity.

I hope this goes some way to explaining the benefits of fine art papers over standard satin photo paper. At the moment I am fighting to keep costs as low as possible for this product as I really would like to encourage more customers to move up to fine art media. Trust me, it really is worth it.